Gabion Mattress Gabions and Reno Mattress

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Gabions and Reno Mattress

Gabion are box like units, generally of length either 2M or 4M and with a height of either 0.5m or 1m. Reno Mattress product is generally of larger plan area,Stone Cage, typically 6m x 2m,waratah fence post fence post, but are much thinner in depth with typical dimensions ranging between 0.17 m and 0.5 m. All units are supplied folded flat to site and the customer must fabricate the supplied unit to size, join one unit to another to form the required structure,Gabion Mattress, fill with suitable stone and complete the closure of the unit such that a stable structure is constructed. Gabion are ideal for use in retaining structures that have unfavourable foundation conditions. Gabion are quite flexible and can accommodate significant ground movement without catastrophic failure. Reno Mattress is an alternative to replace traditional rock armour treatments of structures against water erosion and scour. By encapsulating rock within a mesh layer,gabion box gabion,wire mesh products,金網 Chain link fence 2, the effective shear capacity of such rock is increased providing additional protection against potential scour or erosive forces generated by water.

Gabion and Reno Mattress structures are generally formed by the weaving of wire (of varying diameter) into mesh which is then QiaoShi Gabion factory fabricated into Gabion box cages (of varying size) which are then site filled with stone to form dry-land structures such as retaining walls or in wet-land structures such as weirs or riverbank linings.

The wire that has been traditionally used in the manufacture of these Gabion and Reno Mattress products supplied into Australia has been heavily galvanised and then may have extruded to the core wire a coating of PVC to provide additional protection. More recently there have been other coatings applied to the wire that purport to enhance the resistance of such wires to corrosion.

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