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Steel Fence Poles-Galvanized wire big coil

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AnPing produces electro galvanized wire and hot-dip galvanized wire for customers. Single coil weight varies from 10 kg to 1000 kg per coil. Big coil wire refers to wire with a big single coil weight. Big coil galvanized wire is our featured product,Gabion Mattress-Geotextile,steel wire mesh, very popular among foreign customers,钢格板-Perforated mesh,Steel Fence Poles,cattle fence-Field Fence,Cattle Fence, which can be electro galvanized iron wire or hot-dip galvanized iron wire. This kind of wire saves much cost in operation.

Galvanized wire big coil

galvanized wire big coil galvanized wire big coil

galvanized wire big coil galvanized wire big coil

龟甲型钢板网-Galvanized Iron Wire

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Technical Information

galvanized iron wiregalvanized Iron wire

- Processing with low carbon steel wire,fence posts-Binding wire,热镀锌丝,电焊石笼网-Razor Wire, through drawing and electric galvanizing

- Standard wire gauge from 8# to 16#

Galvanized iron wire uses in weaving of wire mesh,不锈钢冷拉丝,fence suppliers-U.S. Air Force Staff Sgts, fencing for expressway and construction.

Galvanized Iron Wire

galvanized iron wiregalvanized iron wire

welded wire mesh-Welded Wire Mesh

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It is widely used on the industry,冷轧带肋钢筋焊接网-new modern barriers,石笼网,sheep fence-Field Fence,Cattle Fence, agriculture, building, transportation,石笼网, mine, field,mesh wires-Nails, lawn, cultivation, Profession’s guard, decorate, machie protection etc.

Low carbon steel wire,Window Screening, stainless steel wireWelded Wire Mesh Variety:Hot dipped galvanized after welding Welding with hot dipped galvanized iron wire Electro galvanized after welding Welding with electro galvanized iron wire PVC coated welded wire mesh.


It has the good property of corrosion-resisting and oxidation-resisting.


Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh Welded Wire Mesh Welded Wire Mesh


Wire Diam
1/4″ 1/4″
6.4mm 6.4mm
22# – 24#
0.7mm – 0.6mm
3/8″ 3/8″
10.6mm 10.6mm
19# – 22#
1.0mm – 0.7mm
1/2″ 1/2″
12.7mm 12.7mm
16# – 23#
1.6mm – 0.6mm
5/8″ 5/8″
16mm 16mm
18# – 21#
1.2mm – 0.8mm
3/4″ 3/4″
19.1mm 19.1mm
16# – 21#
1.6mm – 0.8mm
1″ 1/2″
25.4mm 12.7mm
16# – 20#
1.6mm – 0.9mm
1″ 1″
25.4mm 25.4mm
14# – 21#
2.0mm – 0.8mm
11/2″ 11/2″
38mm 38mm
14# – 19#
2.0mm – 1.0mm
1″ 2″
25.4mm 50.8mm
14# – 16#
2.0mm – 1.6mm
2″ 2″
50.8mm 50.8mm
12# – 16#
2.6mm – 1.6mm
Note: Special specifications can be customized.